This is my latest arrangement; a marimba duo version of George Harrison’s ‘Something’. Spot the stylistic references to Bach and Grieg. Watch it online at

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This is a little number I put together for a school group. I was lucky to have two singers at my disposal as well so had one playing guiro, another at a keyboard doubling the bass and riff. It’s a flexible score as far as numbers and instruments go. Works very nicely.

A colleague and I wanted to give our old favourite swing number a new treatment, and here is the result. ‘All Of Me’ as a re-harmonised ballad, with a vague sense of tonal centre, and a haunting and mysterious atmosphere.

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Seal’s 1995 classic, arranged by myself recently for two marimbas. Lots of challenges arranging this – how to condense a big, layered arrangement into eight mallets? How to make it work without words? Or drums? (I did get a big drum fill into marimba 2 just before the first chorus…)

If anyone wishes to use this, please be aware that I have done this arrangement for fun, not profit, and do not own any copyright. If you want to record it (I’m honoured), speak to Mr Seal.

Thanks for checking it out…

Chart Baron


Here is a lead sheet for the Beach Boys’ ‘God Only Knows’, with a 7/4 twist. I do not claim originality for the idea of the song in 7/4! Complete with an optional ending as opposed to head-solo-head form. Enjoy.

For my first posting on Chart Baron, my latest arrangement / transcription; the Debussy-inspired ‘In A Mist’ by Bix Beiderbecke. Very hard to believe that a piece this harmonically strange and ambitious was composed in the jazz idiom as early as the 1920’s! The 4-page score is in 4 attached jpeg files; contact me if you want the parts.

I play vibraphone in a trio with flute/alto flute and piano, hence this instrumentation. The fantastic arrangement on Ry Cooder’s album ‘Jazz’  has vibes, guitar, bass clarinet, alto sax and arco bass. Well worth listening to if you haven’t already. I used fewer of Beiderbecke’s sections, added the section for improv solos and reduced the chordal movement a bit, but kept the head fairly written out.

Do with it what you will!

The reason I started this blog was to share my arrangements and compositions with anybody interested , as and when I do them. Please check back to see lead sheets, other jazz formats, marimba duo, salsa lead sheets, percussion ensemble, maybe even some percussion solo items too. For more about me, please visit my website, my salsa band site or my marimba duo site Thanks for checking in.